An elegant and distinctive Méthode Cap Classique inspired by a nobleman and refugee from the Hungarian uprising, Desiderius Pongrácz, whose sheer genius and vision revitalised viticulture in the Cape. Few people know that South Africa’s beloved Pongrácz Méthode Cap Classique was inspired by someone who spent years in a labour camp in Siberia.  It is […]

The National Distell Inter Hotel Challenge Cook-Offs – A most exciting time as they head to the finishing line…

“Coming up will be the Awards – The Hotel Oscars continue… “We congratulate all the candidates who entered the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge 2020. In the face of really formidable odds, coming to the fore, determined to prove their mettle and go forward. They have done so superbly! For many this will be a memorable […]

All The Awards…

PRESS RELEASE The Distell Inter Hotel Challenge: Saturday 3rd August 2019  The primary objective of the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge is to create and sustain a strong national base of top quality chefs, bakers, wine stewards and concierges. In every true sense of the phrase a programme of recognition and rewarding excellence. The hotel industry […]

Expectations are high…

Exposure to the international hospitality industry is an important ingredient to the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge as the top candidates in both the chef and wine stewards categories will be flown overseas for an intensive mentorship experience with some of the most famous international names and venues in the world.  The teams from Gauteng Protea Hotels […]

Showcook today focuses on youth, the role of mentorship, their bright future in the hospitality world. A world that knows no borders nor boundaries.  In this unprecedented time, we need now, more than ever, to keep the huge values of education, motivation, and inspiration alive and flourishing. Will become the dedicated 2020 platform for every aspect […]

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