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Riashnie Thaver Southern Sun Elangeni & Maharani

While the focus is on development and mentorship, the Challenge has also created a wonderful team spirit among the respective hotel’s food and beverage crews. It not only has an enormously positive effect on the morale of newcomers to this world but gives them a chance to fast track their careers.

“We have a responsibility to ensure South Africa’s hospitality stars are found and nurtured right here on our own soil,” says Annette Kesler. “That’s what the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge has at its heart. Chania Morritt-Smith and I can’t make this happen unless the hotels themselves stand alongside us, and that is exactly what is happening.

It is true collaborative project with the securing of the future health and success of the hospitality industry as its goal.” #DistellIHC2019#InterHotelChallenge — with International Hotel School.

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