Wonderful Aromas…

The Cape Cook-Offs were held at Capsicum Culinary Studio on Tuesday 11th and 12th June and what two days those proved to be! 

~ The Chefs streamed in early that morning, the kitchen was quiet and ordered as everyone went about setting up efficiently and so the hours ticked by until the first candidates presented to our team of judges; Heinz Brunner, Brian McCune, Chris de Klerk, Craig Cormack, Sandy Harper, Jean Vincent Ridon and Jac Kolver, while our kitchen evaluation judge, Julietta e Silva (a.k.a. ‘kitchen dragon’) at the ready with her eagle eye taking in every turn of the preparation. 

Wonderful aromas of bread as the bakers passed by with their freshly baked loaves on the way to be judged; deep golden brown milk bread, that special sourdough and our South African favourite, whole wheat. At 11h00 the wine steward judges arrived to take up their places, very shortly after the first candidates presented their classic cocktails followed by their wine service. All very calm as each one was put their paces. Concurrently, the food and wine judges were busy assessing the complementary flavours of the dishes together with their chosen wines! ~

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