Harry Melck – A Journey into Wine

MEET & GREET Harry Melck – A Journey Into Wine 

“My journey into wine stems from the cooking lessons my mother gave me when growing up,” says Harry. 

“I was intrigued by the creation of a meal from raw ingredients and by the delicious tastes created by combining certain flavours. The natural progression of this gastronomic path was to wine, which like food, is a combination of art and science – a living product with romance, enigma and complexity. 

I undertook my first formal wine training in 2001 when I enrolled for the CWA introductory course as a fun outing with some friends. A whole new world opened, and I was hooked. I soaked up all the information that I could and immediately enrolled in the next Certificate course. 

Shortly after that, I left for London where the wine bars and access to international wines revealed another dimension to this ever-growing passion for wine. There I completed the WSET Level 3 and used my learning in the start-up of a wine-oriented restaurant. On return to South Africa, I completed the CWA diploma course and finally managed to graduate as a Cape Wine Master. Wine was a hobby on steroids.

My return saw me start Harry’s Big Wine Adventure, which was created to learn more about wine, meet winemakers and share my knowledge with whoever would follow me. It has since become a detailed journal of all my wine escapades and seen me shift out of the corporate world. 

My adventures to date have included consulting, wine tourism and becoming the Principal of the Cape Wine Academy. 

All this time with wine and chatting to people has cemented my philosophy that wine, no matter the price or level, is a social tool that was put on earth to bring people together – for connection. It is a great facilitator of storytelling and pairs well with meals and friends around a table. Wine as a product should bring people together rather than intimidate them. Cheers!”

Cape Wine Academy

Harry Melck has invited the 2020 Wine Steward Candidates to join him on his Zoom meetings – ‘A Scene from a Wine Guide’. The first session covered the Cape Town District and the second on Stellenbosch. Superb insight! For those candidates wishing to join please email info@showcook.co.za and let’s see what we can do together!

What a privilege to have Harry Melck, Principal, Cape Wine Academy with us today at this time, to have the interaction between our #DistellIHC2020 Wine Steward Candidates. A window and opportunity of discussion, one on one with him, fantastic!

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