MEET & GREET – Distell Inter Hotel Challenge 2020

Worldwide the hospitality industry is on its knees and however remote it may seem this amazing industry will survive and bloom again. What we have to do is to nurture, motivate and inspire all the creative and talented young people preparing them for the next phase of their career.

Continuing to bring you some of the cream of our youth in the hospitality industry, introducing…

“At this time it is so incredibly hopeful and wonderful to read what these young people wish for and working so hard towards their goals,” says Annette Kesler. “We hope that everything they are striving towards will come to fruition – let’s cheer them on!”

One of the aims of the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge is to promote talented young people over time taking them up the ladder of progression to becoming fully fledged wine stewards and one day hopefully to achieve the greater aim of becoming a junior sommelier in the world of wine and spirits. It is heartwarming to hear and read about the hopes and aspirations as they introduce themselves.

It is vitally important that the talent that has been so carefully nurtured has the opportunity to grow and shine. All the mentors that have inspired and urged them on are behind them every step of the way. This is a truly collaborative effort together with our hotels, to make this happen is a vote of confidence in the future of our young stars who will be taking our industry forward and upward.

Distell Inter Hotel Challenge
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