One&Only Reaching for Young Stars 2020

It is this time of year again, only this year has to be different! The essentials are all there and in place with a virtual Launch Workshop for the One&Only Reaching for Young Stars 2020. Of course, this is a most significant year, our 10th at our home, the One&One Cape Town, where we have had a very warm and happy association with huge support from GM Richard Lyon who has continued to show empathy and understanding during this taxing period.

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The One&Only Reaching for Young Stars is the major showcase in the Western Cape for our superb culinary academies who put forward some of their finest and most talented young students, all vying for top honours. Over the years this programme has proved to be remarkably successful drawing the royalty of our hospitality world together providing a platform for our executive chefs, cooks, pastry chefs, bakers, winemakers, wine stewards and sommeliers to come together offering a growth path and the stimulus to continue growing while encouraging and giving the students the means to prove themselves leading to career advancement and ultimately recognition.

Over the last nine years, One&Only Cape Town, has generously hosted the ‘Reaching for Young Stars’ Awards. GM RICHARD LYON has been a pillar of support throughout, making it possible for the winners to have far reaching opportunities to further their careers abroad. 
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Dr Susanne Reuther (KitchenAid Africa), Judge Reuben Riffel, Rutendo Marovatsanga and GM Richard Lyon, One&Only Cape Town, 2018 Awards. 

2018 winner, Chef Rutendo Ruth Marovatsanga (The Private Hotel School) was fortunate to have a three weeks internship in Dubai at One&Only The Palms and One&Only Royal Mirage, with flights courtesy of SA Pork. 

KitchenAid Africa, a company that has reached its centenary with aplomb, enviable kitchenware that has stood the test of time worldwide on every cook’s wish-list, continues with fabulous generous prizes!

2019 Winning Chef Oigen Kaptein, The Private Hotel School travelled to gorgeous Mauritius to the gold listed Condé Nast Traveller, One&Only Le Saint Géran, known far and wide for gracious hospitality, having a unique view of their multifaceted table in cutting edge restaurants which encompass the colourful cuisines of the island. An introduction to tastes of intriguing Creole, Indian and Chinese dishes during an intensive three weeks internship. Flights courtesy of SA Pork.

It is well known that Cape Town has become the culinary centre of South Africa. We are very fortunate in having the fertile valleys, the fabulous farms and wheat fields that produce the staff of life, and a food industry that is taking the high road. 

HEINIE FOURIE of Bio-Wheat, a pioneer in biological wheat farming invites the students to put their best foot forward in creating a very healthy bread that contains barley, a sourdough and a milk loaf.

KYLE HICKMAN, One&Only Executive Sous Chef, is today one of South Africa’s leading patissiers with huge enthusiasm and skill. Kyle with his natural authority has slipped very easily into the role of superb mentor and judge. His meticulous approach and his excellent guidance for the young up and coming Pastry Chefs and Bakers is admirable.  

KitchenAid Africa is a supporter through thick and thin. KitchenAid without a doubt produces the most enviable, streamlined and functional appliances, small and large that make life in the kitchen a time for pleasure.

This year the Pastry Chefs will be vying for the ultimate ‘Lancewood Best Dessert’ using Lancewood’s soft white cheese and will try their hand at a Butter Cake made with Bio-Wheat flour and Lurpak butter. Looking forward to seeing the results at the Cook-Off, 31st October at the International Hotel School.

Here MARIETA HUMAN outlines the SA Pork cuts for this year’s One&Only Reaching for Young Stars…

Thank you to SA PORK for providing this versatile, budget-friendly, and super healthy option for the ‘Young Stars’ who will be using pork to create their culinary masterpieces at the Cook-Off, 31st October at the International Hotel School.

MORNAY MULLER chats to the students on Lancewood, one of South Africa’s most notable brands, which has an impeccable record for award-winning cheese, a quality that is consistently excellent.

WHAT A PRIZE … Imagine… The ‘One&Only Reaching for Young Stars Pastry Chef of the Year 2020’ will join Louis Jansen van Vuuren, Hardy Olivier and DeVerra Auret for a three months internship at exquisite Château de La Creuzette in Boussac, France, the home of fine patisserie. At any time, a huge treat, at this time even more significant to give them a taste of a food culture that is unique. 
Flights courtesy of Lancewood – when travel resumes, of course! 

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Brenda and Nick Wilkinson of RIO LARGO OLIVE ESTATE continue to shine on an international stage with Rio Largo Olive Oil, out there with the best, proving that South African olive oil can proudly take its place among the top olive oil producers of the world.  

Hear Brenda here…

The finest ingredients; where would our delicious dishes be without KHOISAN SEA SALT… Nothing equals Khoisan sea salt, that is a gourmet’s delight!

Marvellous mushrooms by DENNY! They truly lend themselves to myriad ways in which they can be an asset; either on their own, lightly grilled, sautéed in cream and garlic or become part of a harmonious blend of flavours in a casserole, in a sauce with pasta or folded into rice. Denny Mushrooms create the magic! 

Samantha McChesney with Luke Bergman (Sense of Taste Chef School) winner of the 2019 DELECTABLE DENNY STARTER
White Button Mushroom Mousse | Smoked King Oyster Mushrooms | Pickled Shimeji Mushrooms with a Ginger Glaze| Sago Chips
~ Leeuwenkuil Chenin Blanc 2018 ~


Being part of the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge and the One&Only Reaching for Young Stars for many years, AVANTI COFFEE SA has shown huge interest in upliftment and training, to continue to introduce South Africans to the reality of a really excellent cup of coffee. OZ DAVIDS of Avanti Coffee SA shows the way!

Motivational speaker LORNE SULCAS, the first to bring the ingrained senses and habits of our wildlife to bear on our everyday lives, which he does with great effect. 
Thriving in a Wild World™ – Game-changing Success Lessons from Africa’s Big Cats™

He has appeared on CNN. His audiences have included executives and employees of organizational giants around the world from NASA to Gartner to Barclays-ABSA. For nearly a decade, international keynote and conference speaker Lorne Sulcas was a game ranger, tracking, observing and photographing Africa’s Big Cats on a daily basis.  Today, The Big Cat Guy speaks all over the world, sharing potent success lessons from these super-predators with top organisations, teams and athletes. 

In the tough, “eat or be eaten” marketplace of Nature, Africa’s three big cats – cheetah, leopard, and lion – are apex predators with a million-year old proven track record of not just surviving, but thriving in a fiercely competitive, challenging and changing world.  

In this extraordinary motivational keynote, Lorne inspires and entertains with his expertise, experience and personal stories of Africa’s Big Cats, and his internationally-awarded wildlife photography.  The unforgettable take-aways for the audience: game-changing success lessons of sustaining exceptional results, growth, and uncommon synergy in the face of massive challenges, change and competition. 

Multiple award winning VICKIE DE BEER, well-known author and former Food Editor of Rooi Roos, tells us how we can still enjoy good, simple food and a few treats while battling Diabetes. Vickie discusses the merits of the best nutritional approach to cooking. 

“What it takes to be a sommelier,” says Germain Lehodey, “is a sound and deep knowledge of wines, brandies, whiskeys and any other alcoholic beverages that are served. In addition, you need to know how to best partner your wines with choice dishes.
Germain is fortunate in that he has an almost unmatched experience internationally and the ability to pass on that knowledge to kindle enthusiasm and to keep our young candidate’s interest growing strongly for the future.  

JULIETTA e SILVA, Capsicum Culinary Academy Alumni, has a fresh approach to being a kitchen judge. Being absolutely thorough and extremely mindful is what kitchen hygiene is all about. Julietta makes sure that everyone understands how important this is from the moment they step into the kitchen to the moment they leave. All the candidates that have gone through Julietta’s A-Z kitchen hygienic practice are set fare in their future profession.

Over the years AL&CD Ashley has awarded our prize winners and particularly, ‘The ScanPan Excellent Practice Award’ with the most superb kitchenware from Scanpan and the finest Global Knives, all of which will help them in their future career.
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2019 SCANPAN EXCELLENT KITCHEN PRACTICE AWARD TO THE DUO OF CHEFS: Kabelo-Luhle Tala & Phila Cele (Cape Town Hotel School, Part of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology)
Awarded by Judge Julietta e Silva, Roberta le Roux of AL&CD Ashley.

★ We are indeed fortunate to have the most excellent bursary from June Steenekamp who has offered both the ‘Scanpan Excellent Kitchen Practice Duo’ Chef & helper plus runner-up Chef & helper a one-day training programme and online examination to achieve the international certificate in the Highfield International Qualification Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering.

MARIZE DE KLERK has almost two decades of experience in journalism and broadcasting media. She specialises in technical content for both international and local broadcasters and is fluent in German, English and Afrikaans.

For the past eight years, Marize has been working mainly on content driven programs, including scientific, agricultural, aviation and defence related topics. Her area of expertise encompasses multiple media platforms such as print, radio, television and online video. Her skills base include research, directing, planning, scripting, voice-over work, on-camera presenting, basic camera, editing and post production work.

Marize’s credits include being executive producer for a niche Internet TV channel for the aviation and defence industries, AADtv ( and being in charge of communication and stakeholder relationship management for the same channel.

Marize holds a BA (Business Communications) and an MA (Business Communications) degree. She currently serves as an external examiner and moderator for masters degree and honours students in Audio visual communication Film theory and  at North West University of South Africa. She is also a guest lecturer at the NWU for masters and honors students studying audiovisual communication and journalism. Her speciality is online video and TV production and video storytelling. 

Marize loves new challenges! See

JEAN VINCENT RIDON of Sommeliers Academy is a most able exponent of wine and food pairing as he has a wide knowledge of both and the ability to illuminate the most graceful of combinations. See Passion for Pairing – Most important, especially for the Chefs, marrying their choices skilfully with the most superb South African vintages. 

WENDY COETZEE is masterly on the subject of communication. She is able to pass on that knowledge brilliantly and lucidly.  Communication today (or lack of it) is a most important subject and one which needs increasing application. 

NADIA BILCHIK’S Greater Impact keynotes and seminars are designed to build self-confidence and personal presence in a way that is both authentic and actionable. Her keynotes and training focus on developing the verbal and non-verbal communication skills needed to be more impactful and persuasive, whether you are giving an in-person or online presentation, facing the media or networking.

Nadia has been in demand as a speaker for over 25 years. She draws on her vast experience at the frontline of broadcasting to reveal the secrets of more powerful communication. She has anchored for MNET TV South Africa as well as hosted a variety of shows for CNN International and Weekend Passport on CNN. During her career, she has interviewed key political figures and entertainers such as Nelson Mandela, George Clooney and Tom Hanks. Her background has given her an extraordinary understanding of communication to small and large audiences both in person and on camera.


See One&Only Reaching for Young Stars Youtube Playlist…

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