Meet the Young Stars

The One&Only Reaching for Young Stars 2020 Candidates, all highly motivated; Bakers, Baristas, Hot Chefs and Pastry Chefs pulled out all the stops to succeed!


“I am from the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town and attend the International Hotel School. I started at IHS after training as a pilot when I wanted to try something different. I liked the idea of the hospitality industry and chose the culinary field and haven’t looked back since. I’m hardworking and strive for excellence in everything I do. I’m inspired by Gordon Ramsay and Ash Heeger. I aspire to own a venue restaurant.”


“My name is Amore Bezuidenhout and I’m 20 years old.  I’m currently studying at The Private Hotel School in Stellenbosch.  I’ve almost completed my Culinary Arts diploma (I still need to do my six months internship). By the end of next year, I will be finished with studies and I aim to go work overseas on the yachts as a Chef. The reason I want to go overseas is to learn different cuisines.  I would love to be part of this competition to improve my skills. This is a big opportunity for me. I have a passion for baking and I’m not afraid to work hard. I want to reach my full potential with the talents God gave me.”


“I’m an easy-going nineteen-year-old Highveld girl with a passion for anything that gets my creative juices flowing,” says Annelize. “This includes photography, shooting, drawing, ethical hunting, dancing, crafting, baking, and much more. I traded in my hunting boots for a pair of kitchen shoes and I completely fell in love with them. After graduating from Hoerskool Secunda in 2018 I moved to Pretoria pursuing my passion for food at the Chef’s Training and Innovation Academy (CTIA), after a year I found myself in Stellenbosch where my passion grew into patisserie and the finer art of cake decorating.

Growing up in a small town with my friends and family close to me, I learned to appreciate their presence and time. I found my passion for food from watching every episode of Masterchef Australia since 2011. Watching Chef’s like Shannon Bennett, Curtis Stone, and Marco-Pierre White, really sparked my interest in the culinary industry. I am a humble, hardworking, and ambitious person. Being part of the 2016 South African dance team that went to Croatia for the World Dance Masters taught me a lot of discipline, how to work in a team and how to perform well individually.

Julia Child once said that If you have found something you’re passionate about, you must keep tremendously interested in it. Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s the nourishment of the body and soul; it’s truly love. I firmly believe that cooking is like love, it should be entered into with passion or not at all,” says Annelize Kruger.


“I am 23 years old. I grew up in Johannesburg but moved to Cape Town in 2016 to study Biological Sciences at UCT. During my honours year, I started to feel like I was on the wrong path. Although I loved my course and learning about the world we lived in, I was not feeling fulfilled. I have been baking since I was a young girl with my mom and gran and have always loved taking raw ingredients like flour and eggs and turning them into something completely different. In 2020, after I completed my honours degree, I started at Capsicum Culinary Studio studying a Diploma in Patisserie and so far, I’ve loved every minute of it. Some of my other hobbies include Pilates, art and gardening.”


“My name is Calum Terence Matthys, 20 years old.  I’m a young creative that has an absolute love for the culinary arts. My love and passion for cooking, baking and everything to do with food came from my grandparents. They are my greatest inspiration and they inspired me to learn new and exciting things. To become a chef is such an amazing adventure of a career because you get to meet lots of different people from different cultural backgrounds who share the same passion. At Capsicum Culinary Studio, my dream is to continue to learn, develop new skills, and inspire others.”


“My name is Cameron Pentz. I was born in America and moved to South Africa when I was a year old and living in the Western Cape. Both my parents are South African born and raised as well as my younger brother. I matriculated from Paul Roos high school in 2018 and took a gap year. In my gap year, I worked as a sporting coach at Somerset House primary and interned at the Somerset West Baptist Church. I love meeting new people and being hospitable and so came to study at The Private Hotel School in Stellenbosch.”


“I am a very hard-working person and work well under pressure. I can think well on my feet in terms of making an alternative plan. I’m innovative and can take the initiative. I’m hungry to learn new things and ways of how people do things.” 


“I’m 22 years of age and studying Occupational Chef (NQF 5) at Chefs Training and Innovation Academy (CTIA). I thoroughly enjoy the practicality of cooking, as it complements my hobby of being a sociable individual. My curiosity for cooking has led me to experience exactly how a functional kitchen operates under immense pressure. With this insight, the kitchen environment soon became my new home, away from home. My interest in learning has driven me thus far and I’m eager to continue on this path, in refining my skills as a young upcoming chef.”


“I’m 22 years old from Rawsonville. I stay with my parents and siblings and after I finished school I took a gap year and worked at ATKV Goudini Spa before I came to The Private Hotel School to enroll in the Occupational Chef Certificate program in 2018. I have learned a lot of new things and am even more willing to learn a lot more as the years go by. I’m very willing to adopt new trends and tastes in foods. When I’m done with my studies I plan on traveling overseas before opening my own guesthouse and restaurant in Rawsonville, somewhere on a farm.”


“I’m 20 years old, currently studying at the International Hotel School. I’m a second-year student, completing my Patisserie Program Course. I’m hoping to become a Pastry Chef once I’ve graduated and open my own bakery. I take pride in what I do and always try to do a task to the best of my ability. I’m hardworking and always open to new adventures and tasks.” 


“My name is Harley Jozia Spenceley. I’m 24 years old currently completing my Diploma in Culinary Arts at Chefs Training and Innovation Academy (CTIA) Stellenbosch campus. I have an extensive passion for food coupled with a natural inquisitive streak in regard to flavour. I am hardworking and driven and I believe that talent beats hard work unless talent does not work hard. I thoroughly enjoy working with new people and creating a great experience for the diner.”


“My name is Huisung Choi and I’m currently studying at the International Hotel School in Cape Town, South Africa. I have already spent time in the industry, working for a couple of years, and at first, it was hard and exhausting but I realised the more time I spent in the kitchen, the more it became interesting. I felt like I was accomplishing something every day. I then thought it would help me if I could enhance my knowledge and skills in the culinary arts, and thus decided to spend a year at a place that can support me to reach the next level of my career.”


“I am a passionate, optimistic, and dedicated individual who has great enthusiasm and passion for food. I believe I have a huge amount of perseverance to achieve my goals. I enjoy motivating others, including myself, to move forward in achieving goals and being persistent in what I do. I am from Kimberley in the Northern Cape Province and currently based in Cape Town for my studies. I have recently qualified with my Culinary Arts Diploma at the International Hotel School in Cape Town and I am still on the verge of qualifying with my Pastry Diploma next year. 

I enjoyed my three months of work-integrated learning at One&Only Cape Town and recently completed my integrated learning for my patisserie course at another beautiful establishment, Tessa’s Bakery. I want to further my kitchen experience and hopefully be able to help the industry grow in the Northern Cape, back home.”


“My name is Joshua Urdang, I’m 20 years old and currently studying towards my certificate as an Occupational Chef (NQF 5). This is a 36-month course that I am completing in Stellenbosch at Chefs Training and Innovation Academy (CTIA). I’m a hard-working dedicated student, with good team working skills. I’m a perfectionist and thrive under pressure.

I’m very passionate about food and cooking and can be counted on in a team working environment. I’m a quick learner who doesn’t make the same mistake twice. I love food and the joy and understanding it can bring to people. I feel a connection to food that I cannot explain. I love cooking food but feel a special connection to the preparation of patisserie and bread.”


“I’m 23 years old, born and raised in Worcester. I attended Worcester Gymnasium High School. I currently stay with my parents. After high school I took a gap year, I got a job at Rainbow farms before I came to The Private Hotel School to enrol in the Occupational Chef Certificate programme in 2018. I’ve learnt a lot since the first day I started my journey in the industry and I’m willing to learn a lot this year. I’m willing to adopt new trends and learn about new tastes in food. My dream is to open my own bakery in Worcester.”


“I’m 22 years old and currently studying towards my certificate for Occupational Chef (NQF 5). This is a 36-month program that I am completing at Chefs Training and Innovation Academy (CTIA) in Stellenbosch. I’m a passionate, hard-working person, with a big heart. I thrive under pressure and an absolute perfectionist when it comes to my work. I enjoy working in a team where people have each other’s backs and support each other no matter what. I’m super passionate about food and enjoy patisserie the most. I love the way food has the power to bring people together, where people laugh and enjoy each other’s company and make memories which last a lifetime,” says Lara van Heerden.


“I am an adventurous person who likes trying new things. I enjoy reading cookbooks by various Master Chefs and up and coming Chefs. I love experimenting with different flavour profiles and cuisines.”


“I’m a very dedicated hard worker. I’m 20 years of age and I’ve found my passion in life. I’m very ambitious and persistent. I love to cook food for people and to see the smile they have for my cooking. I’m currently enrolled at Capsicum Culinary Studio and finishing my Professional cookery course. My hobbies are being active in the gym, watching cooking shows and personal finance.”


“I’m currently studying the Advanced Programme in Culinary and Hospitality Management at Chefs Training and Innovation Academy (CTIA), a 36-months course. Cooking and baking to me is the same as drinking water every day – it is something I cannot live without! The days I do not spend in the kitchen I use my time to research recipes and techniques, which will help me improve as a chef. As an apprentice chef, I always give it my all in the kitchen because I believe passion has no limits.” 


“My name is Marius Meyer. I’m 23 years old and currently studying at The Private Hotel School in Stellenbosch. I’ve been working in the hospitality industry for four years, and for the past three years, I’ve been working as a chef at Asara Wine Estate. I found my passion since I was a little dust pebble in everyone’s eyes, I enjoy making food at home and at work.

When I do something I put 200% into it. I’ve been to America for two years and enjoyed it across the waters so after my studies I see myself traveling back to the USA to work aside with some of the best chefs in America. After working in the USA for a couple of years I would like to travel to France to learn more about their food styles and cuisine. I love what I do and I know the working hours are long but I enjoy every moment of it.” 


“A young woman, all the way from a small town just outside Pretoria called Bronkhorstspuit, left home for the first time, leaving her comfort zone to a new town to further her studies and possibly start her career.

At a young age I would never have seen myself as passionate about food as I’m now, and now my love for a cup of coffee each morning made me realise that if I could make a beautiful cup like the ones I would see each morning that would be an amazing extra skill to have. So when the opportunity came with the One&Only Reaching for Young Stars, I went for it, and must say fell in love with it! So by the time I leave Cape Town, I will be a Chef and a Barrister!”


“My name is Monique October, I’m 22 years old from Mitchell’s Plain. I’m a reliable, honest, and trustworthy person and I never say ‘no’ to a challenge. I started my own business in 2016. I was very hands-on from a young age helping my grandmother to bake, cook, and clean. That’s where my spark of creativity and love for providing a sense of comfort began. I am dedicated, passionate, and hardworking. I work well under pressure and pay very specific attention to detail. I am a team player and always aim to please.

My main goal is to make people feel at home no matter how far away from home they are. The ultimate reward is to see the appreciation on my customer’s faces after they have seen and tasted my hard efforts, no matter how bad my day that is a definite game-changer. Making others feel good makes me feel great! For the creative creation of all things sweet, I will be your confection connection.” 


“Before the brew, 
a seed travelled, unravelled and eventually, the nectar made us busy.
The tree rained and families woke to work.
In the end, what we crave is not the work, 
but to share the Sun.”

“I was born in Pretoria 26 years ago, says Wisani Marivati
“I have had different experiences in the hospitality industry and still look forward to learning more. Coffee shops and cafés always remain my first love. There is no conversation easier without tea or coffee.”


“I grew up in a food-loving family where food was the focal point of every gathering. From a young age, I took a keen interest in cooking techniques and all the different flavours. During high school, I didn’t know what my career was going to be. I decided to become a butler by trade, during the time working at Abalone House & Spa in Paternoster they gave me an opportunity to work in the kitchen as a CDP as they saw my talent in the kitchen. From that day forward I knew I was passionate about becoming a chef! This competition is for self-improvement, the skills, and techniques that I am willing to learn.

As a student at Capsicum Culinary Studio, I’m also willing to try new things like working under pressure, presenting my talent and cooking skills to the judges as I always dreamed of being on Master Chef. It excites me and sparks that passion deep inside to prove my name in the culinary world.”

Capsicum Culinary Studio
6th Floor, Rex Trueform Office Park, 263 Victoria Rd, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925

Chefs Training & Innovation Academy (CTIA)
Address: The Vineyard, Building A, 2nd Floor, 1 Devon Valley Road, Stellenbosch.

International Hotel School
Address: 127 Cecil Rd, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925

The Private Hotel School
Address: 33 Vlottenburg Rd, Stellenbosch, 7604

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