The Bakers are on top form!

The feedback from the judges was superb with the many years of experience shared to all. Jac Kolver, Product Developer: Bakery & Market Bakery, Woolworths Foods, Lorraine Meaney, Head Pastry Chef, Cape Grace and Kyle Hickman, Executive Sous Chef, One&Only Cape Town giving a thorough run-through for every entry, providing a huge learning curve, which is hugely positive for these young aspiring bakers.

“So many skills are required making an artisan bread. Hydration plays a big part, check the development. It’s important to understand the raw ingredients. Be careful of using overpowering flavours like caraway and aniseed. Look at the shape, score it deep enough and long enough. Watch the temperature of the oven to get a good spring and don’t forget to use steam where necessary.”

Itumeleng Mabille says, “Super soft and fluffy milk bread made with Bio-Wheat cake flour finished with a brush of melted butter, is tall, light, squishy yet bouncy and flavourful. My sourdough, blended with white, wholewheat and barley flour provides excellent nutritional value, while my multi seeded health bread was quick and easy to make, yet so delicious with oats and aniseed for flavour.”

Duwayne Scheepers

Duwayne Scheepers prepared a soft white Japanese milk bread, a sourdough as well as a health bread which he made with Bio-Wheat wholewheat flour, coconut, yoghurt, honey and cinnamon topped with mixed seeds and oats.

“Milk bread is a beautiful golden colour with a milky sweet flavour and feathery soft texture that tears into wispy strands and melts in your mouth. It has none of the naturally leavened holes or sourdough tang but is one of the most delectable breads,” says Carl Snyman. 

“This seeded loaf, filled with nutrients and vitamins, has a crisp and crunchy texture,” says Carl. “The variety of seeds and Bio-Wheat wholewheat flour gives a high nutritional value, which suits people from any age group. This bread is amazing to serve toasted for breakfast. 

Sourdough bread is dark and crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside with plenty of air pockets. Scoring the bread is a way in which bakers have a signature sign. Sourdough is also known to be more digestible than standard loaves and more nutritious too. Lactic acids make the vitamins and minerals in the flour more available to the body from all the natural nutrients coming from the bread,” says Carl Snyman.

Joshua Urdang discusses the way he prepares his sourdough bread. “Using Bio-Wheat coarse white flour (100%), Khoisan sea salt (1%), tepid water (58%) and a sourdough starter (40%) I allowed to prove the dough for five hours, and bench folded after each hour. For the final proof, I knocked back the dough and placed in a floured banneton and allowed to prove for three more hours before I turned out the dough onto a floured baking tray. I then placed in a pre-steamed oven at 230°C and re-steamed and baked for 25 minutes. I reduced the temperature to 200°C and baked for a further 40 minutes.”


Marcell van Wyk says, “For my health bread I used Bio-Wheat barley flour, muesli, honey, Lancewood double cream plain yoghurt, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder with sunflower seeds and linseeds. I plaited my milk loaf, used Bio-Wheat stone-ground white flour, adding milk powder and cinnamon topped with sesame seeds and sea salt before baking.”

“I presented Ouma Sarah’s old fashioned Mosbolletjies using Bio-Wheat cake flour, condensed milk, butter and aniseed. The health loaf, a combination of Bio-Wheat cake flour and barley flour, adding oats, cranberries, Rio Largo olive oil, Khoisan sea salt, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

For the slow-fermented sourdough, I prepared my own starter, which I fed every 12 hours for the first six days, then every 24 hours for the next three days and finally once every week. I used Bio- Wheat coarse white flour with hints of rye,” says Julian Lodewyk.

“I used Bio-Wheat cake flour and coarse white flour, adding cream, milk and eggs to make a rich milk bread brushed with honey. For the health bread entry I used Bio-Wheat coarse white and barley flour with toasted oats, poppy seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. For the sourdough, the simplest ingredients; stone-ground coarse white and wholewheat flour with Khoisan sea salt and water,” says Caitlyn Callanan

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