The Pastry Chefs Rising High

Cakes, pastries and desserts are the creative sides to cooking. Patisserie is an exquisite art form that can provide great satisfaction to the fortunate possessors of an artistic streak. It is rare to find chefs able to master both the hot kitchen and patisserie. There is no doubt that making patisserie your lifetime’s career will be an inspired choice bringing much joy to yourself and pleasure to many.

Monique October says, “My butter cake was a rich moist Bundt cake dusted with icing sugar. While my dessert, ‘Freshness of Spring’, is a lime baked yoghurt with coconut dacquoise base served with a passionfruit macaroon, Lancewood coconut yoghurt chantilly and sugar syrup soaked lime segments.”

Lara van Heerden prepared an exquisite Chocolate Butter Cake to serve with coffee. The filling was a peanut butter ermine buttercream made with Lurpak Butter and topped with peanut brittle. For dessert, she prepared a Vanilla Cheesecake in a walnut tart shell topped with walnut brittle and filled with condensed milk toffee. The clever glaze with caramel and Amarula jelly.

Annelize Kruger’s Strawberry Butter Cake was made with Bio-Wheat cake flour and Lurpak butter with strawberry coulis and ermine buttercream. For dessert, she prepared a delectable Blueberry Cheesecake.

Amoré Bezuidenhout prepared an Orange Vanilla Butter Cake with hints of vanilla and fresh citrus. For dessert, Amoré made a Lancewood Cream Cheese Panna Cotta using Bio-Wheat, and Lurpak butter served with a walnut crumb, toasted coconut, and cinnamon meringue shard. The honey tuile had hints of star anise and nutmeg, topped with brandy macerated pineapple salsa.

For Calum Matthy’s ‘Deconstructed Lemon Meringue’, he prepared an Italian style meringue with lemon and lime curd. He prepared the base using Bio-Wheat cake flour, almond flour, eggs and confectioner’s sugar which he topped with Lancewood mascarpone dusted with pistachio praline. For his Butter Cake, he used Bio-Wheat cake flour with Lurpak butter, Chantilly cream, raspberry and vanilla jam.

Judges; Kyle Hickman, Executive Sous Chef One&Only Cape Town, Lorraine Meaney, Head Pastry Chef, Cape Grace, and Jac Kolver, Product Developer: Bakery & Market Bakery, Woolworths Foods agree, “As Pastry Chefs, you have a responsibility to do research, continue to read. You have to be able to do the basics, the classics are your strong foundation. Be careful with sugar, dessert is not all about sugar rather make a healthier option that is light and not wasteful. If you are going to use colour in your desserts, use those that you would find in nature. Watch out for garnishes like flowers. If you are going to use edible flowers understand the floral note, taste them and ask yourself the question does it enhance the dessert? We would prefer not to see them, they are a lazy garnish.”

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