A Sprig of Rosemarie!

“Friends are important to all of us and as we travel along life’s path our longstanding friends become increasingly important to us,” says Rosemarie Saunders. “One of these special relationships is a Greek friend who is a great cook and she taught me about Greek cooking. This Greek lamb casserole has become a favourite, but she still makes it better than I do!

This teaches us that, although we make the same recipe, results can differ. When I used to teach classes where the participants all made the same dish, upon tasting, each dish was slightly different; all were acceptable but there would be just one or two that stood out.” 

Cooking is about passion and concentration. Always read the recipe twice! 
Use only the best ingredients.
Understand the method and process.

This casserole is a meal in one to serve with freshly baked pita bread. 
Serves 6 – 8

Place 62 ml olive oil and 62 ml sunflower oil in a pan on the stove. 
Sauté 1 kg cubed lean lamb until sealed, set aside.
In the meat juices brown 20 button onions. Add the sealed lamb.
Stir in 100 g tomato paste, one 450 g can whole peeled tomatoes, chopped, 250 ml red wine, 500 g small baby potatoes, 2 cloves crushed garlic, 30 ml white wine vinegar, 5 ml sugar, 10 ml freshly chopped oregano, seasoning.
Cook out for an hour or so or until the lamb is tender. 

Stir in the zest and juice of one lemon.
Sprinkle over the casserole 100 g roasted whole blanched almonds, 100 g diced feta and freshly chopped oregano.

Plunge into boiling water for 2 minutes, drain and peel. 

‘A Sprig of Rosemarie’ is not only a collection of her beloved recipes (and some revised ones) but also pays homage to the wonderful family, friends and clients who have enjoyed her imaginative offerings. Over a 30 year career as caterer, teacher, hostess and traveller her food journeys have taken her across continents where she has honed her skills and tempted her taste buds to bring us her version of dishes that will become entertaining classics and family favourites. This tribute is Rosemarie’s contribution to the food industry in Cape Town, her life in food, her recipes and to the family and friends who have supported her. 

With her schools Cuisine Marie Rose and The Provençal Kitchen Rosemarie developed recipes that have stood the test of time, never complicated and always using the freshest ingredients. Savour the likes of the classic Salade Niçoise or titillate your guests with Nougat Ice Cream, or whip up a batch of Jonah’s Gingers for a teatime treat, whatever recipe you try it will be a winner. Elegant or homespun, within these covers are a lifetime of magical meals that are in themselves a memoir. With their beautiful photographs and the accompanying stories that make you laugh out loud, you will turn the pages in anticipation of the next adventure. 

For further information please contact:  
Beryl Eichenberger hipzone@mweb.co.za
Publisher Robin Stuart – Clark, Print Matters Heritage robin@printmatters.co.za, www.printmatters.co.za
Purchase copies on line: https://rosemariesaunders.com
To contact Rosemarie directly: rbsaunders51@hotmail.com

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