Meet the Beverage & Barista Candidates ~ Cape Grace Reaching for Young Stars 2024

Behind every perfectly crafted beverage lies a blend of precision, artistry, and innovation. As baristas and beverage artisans, you don’t just serve drinks; you create experiences, elevating moments with every pour and every sip. Beverage & Barista DUMISA MAPONGWANA, 27Cooktastic “I am a hardworking and driven individual who isn’t afraid to face challenges. In the next […]

Meet the Chefs ~ Cape Grace Reaching for Young Stars 2024

Great cooking is not just about the ingredients or the recipe; it’s about the passion, creativity, and love that you infuse into every dish you create. Chef MZIMASI GONTSHI, 24Cooktastic “I’m a young, dynamic chef who would like to have a positive impact on the culinary landscape.I see myself owning two famous restaurants, including a […]

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