Meet the Pastry Chefs & Bakers ~ Cape Grace Reaching for Young Stars 2024

In the world of pastry, every flour dusted counter is a canvas, and every dessert a masterpiece, crafted not just with skill, but with the heart and soul of the artist behind it.

Pastry Chef NTSIKELELO SAM, 22

“I’m a calm and collected individual who is always eager to learn and share new ideas.
I see myself as a successful business owner, owning multiple restaurants and bakeries. 
My role models are Buddy Valastro, as he is one of the best bakers known across the world, and Gordon Ramsay, as he is one of the most successful chefs, owning over 58 restaurants. 
I’m reading 📖 ‘Bread’ by Eric Treuille and Ursula Ferrigno.”


“I am a vibrant, inspired young woman who loves baking and wants to travel the world, grow, shine, and never give up.
In five years, I want to own a coffee shop where I serve all kinds of healthy breads and pastries—a beautiful place for people to gather and connect over a cup of coffee.
Chef Rohan Mudenda, I love his way of working with people. He’s such a great leader and chef, and I’ve learned so much from him. His approach to leadership inspires me greatly. I want to be like him.
I’m reading 📖 ‘Foodies of South Africa, Kitchen Shortcuts’ by Jean Winshaw, Kelsey Cobie and Cassidy Nydahl.”

Pastry Chef & Baker LUKE WATKINS, 18
Superyacht Culinary Academy

“I am fun, outgoing, courageous, and love to learn.
I’m working towards becoming a yacht chef.
My great grandfather is my role model. He fought in World War II and led a long and successful life. Another role model is Brett Nussey, my principal. He is a self-made chef who started the Harbour House Group.
I’m reading 📖 ‘Rise: The Brand New Autobiography: Siya Kolisi’.”

Cape Town Hotel School, part of the Faculty of Business Management Sciences of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, CPUT)

“I am a bubbly, curious, and passionate people person, always eager to connect and explore new ideas and experiences.
In the next five years, I’d like to have a home bakery.
Nara Smith is my role model. She always cooks for her family, making food from scratch.
I’m reading 📖 ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert T. Kiyosaki.”

Cape Town Hotel School, part of the Faculty of Business Management Sciences of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, CPUT)

“I am a quiet, good listener, and a dedicated go-getter. I would like to be working overseas as a chef and aspire to own a business in South Africa. My struggles inspire me to strive for continuous improvement.”

False Bay TVET College

“I would describe myself as an open and honest person who believes in being fair in everything I do.
I would like to own a pastry shop and employ young people who are passionate about pastry.
The Lazy Makoti, Zola Nene, and Jamie Oliver are my role models. The reason why they inspire me is their personalities and how they love and express themselves in their dishes, whether they are cooking or baking.
I’m reading 📖 ‘The Hangman’ by Louise Penny.”

False Bay TVET College

“I am a hard worker and a people person. I’m also motivated and passionate about what I do.
In the next five years, I see myself as a highly skilled professional who has gained valuable experience.
I admire Buddy Valastro and Somizi Mhlongo because I like their personalities, and they have both inspired and motivated me to want to learn more about baking and cooking.
I’m reading 📖 ‘I Love to Bake!’ by Tana Ramsay.”

CTIA – Chefs Training & Innovation Academy

“I’m hardworking, and I really push myself and won’t allow inconveniences to break me down.
In the next five years, I would like to be a Sous Chef as well as starting my own business.
My Grandmother – She has persevered as a single mother and worked really hard to get what she wanted and I want to work as hard to earn what I want.
I’m reading 📖 ‘The Purpose of Driven Life’ by Rick Warren.”

Pastry Chef KAYLA REINDERS, 18
International Hotel School

“I am an inquisitive, creative person who likes to be challenged.
I would like to be overseas to experience different cultures of food and learn how to incorporate them into my own style.
Amaury Guichon – I like keeping up with the trends, and Amaury always comes up with new, exciting concepts. I love his eye for detail and creating new pastry ideas.
I’m reading 📖 ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen R. Covey.”

International Hotel School

“I am a go-getter, filled with passion for the culinary arts.
I would like to be studying food science.
My role models are my lecturers because they inspire me every day and fill me with confidence.
I’m reading 📖 ‘Yellowface’ by R.F. Kuang.”

DENNY MUSHROOM WINNERS Mzimasi Gontshi (Chef) Cooktastic, Margaret Marx DENNY, Gillian Zenda (Hot Chef) CTIA, Triston Sutton (Beverage) Capsicum Culinary Studio, Amber Schippers (Pastry Chef) Northlink TVET College and Kenny Chivandire (Chef) International Hotel School

Northlink TVET College Protea Campus 

“I have a strong sense of empathy and am a natural people person. I’d like to become a hospitality manager in the next five years. My godmother is my role model.
I’m reading 📖 ‘One Heartbeat Away’ by Mark Cahill.”

Amber Schippers (Pastry Chef) and Anele Velem (Baker) Northlink TVET College

Northlink TVET College Protea Campus 

“I am passionate, hard-working, and always observing. 
In the next five years, I would love to work as a pastry chef in one of the finest restaurants.
Cédric Grolet – I admire his baking style and the way he showcases his skills.
I’m reading 📖 ‘Almost Paradise’ by Susan Isaacs.”

Capsicum Culinary Studio 

“Dedicated, motivated, and hardworking, but stubborn, rigid, and short-tempered.
I aspire to work at a 4 or 5-star restaurant in the Mediterranean or Middle East.
My role model is the Prophet Muhammad because I am Muslim, and I believe he is the best of all creation. Additionally, my father serves as my role model because I have never met a man more selfless and hardworking than him.
I’m reading 📖 ‘The Wheel of Time – Book 1’ by Robert Jordan.” 

Capsicum Culinary Studio 

“I would describe myself as a blank canvas that is always open to learning new things.
In the next five years, I would like to be traveling the world and learning new things.
My mother and father are my role models. They have made me the person I am today. They are the most hardworking people I know.
I’m reading 📖 ‘Joshua Weissman: Texture Over Taste’.”

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