So good to have met all the Candidate Bakers at the various regional Cook-Offs and seen their superb bread entries! KIRSTIN HELLEMANN Mount Nelson, A Belmond Hotel, Cape Town   Kirstin Hellemann says, “I’m a determined person always striving to do better than what I was yesterday. In five years I would like to have […]


CHELSEA SMITH Mount Nelson, A Belmond Hotel, Cape Town Chelsea Smith says, “I am passionate, independent and loyal towards my creative craft. I would like to become a Pastry Sous Chef. I’d love to visit Dubai.” LUSHANO ALCOCK The Vineyard Hotel “I started my chef career in 2011 with the National Youth Training Program, sponsored by […]


The highlight, as always, when each of the superb hotels introduced their team. Rapt attention from the audience and heartwarming performances from the Candidates as they unfolded their individual aspirations.  KIM GROSCHMount Nelson, A Belmond Hotel, Cape Town  Kim Grosch says, “I’m passionate about my trade with a ‘go getter’ attitude. In five years I’d […]

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