The Distell Inter Hotel Challenge Orientations are held around South Africa each year for our candidates, but overall what is most important is we hold these for a purpose and a very important one: to provide an inspired vision from guest speakers who have had huge experience in their fields and therefore can offer the distilled […]


Our South African olive oil ambassador at large. Brenda Wilkinson of Rio Largo Olive Estate shares the virtues of extra virgin olive oil, which, unlike wine, should be enjoyed as fresh as possible! On opening the oil container, the aroma must be fresh and fruity and the taste should have sensations of bitterness (mouth) and […]

Distell Inter Hotel Challenge

The admirable hotel industry in South Africa has over the years quietly grown into a magnificent force offering unlimited scope for true grit, talent and creativity and has become a shining example for advancement, fulfilling hope and aspirations. Bringing hotels together from three cities, bridging, networking and cementing relationships for a common good is the […]

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