KWV House of Fire

KWV is a remarkable, proud and historic company in the South African context with roots going back many decades with a reputation firmly established worldwide.

The KWV Cellar Complex, situated in the picturesque town of Paarl in the Cape Winelands, at 22 hectares is certainly one of the largest in the world.

For our One&Only Reaching for Young Stars, their journey started at the KWV Emporium Cellar Door where they were introduced to a wide variety of award-winning MCCs, sparkling wines, natural wines, fortified wines, and liqueurs by The Mentors Winemaker Izele Van Blerk. Later in the morning, they visited the House of Fire, KWV’s spectacular tasting centre for an in-depth appreciation of KWV Brandy and Cruxland Gin with Michael Daniels who gave them an interesting insight into the production of these much-applauded spirits.

KWV is a world leader in brandy and they have been notable winners at every major competition for many years around the globe, and on the wine side, this included our very own Veritas where they have won many distinguished awards.

For our Candidates, the visit to KWV was valuable and informative and they came away with a greater understanding having shared the day with one of South Africa’s most successful companies.

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