2022 Will see the start of a new feature, “Where Are They Now?” Introducing you to some of our bright stars who have continued their journey onward and upward. We are intrigued and joyous to see their stellar path and ongoing success! 

Amoré Bezuidenhout, the 2020 Ultimate Lancewood Pastry Chef of the Year for the One&Only Reaching for Young Stars, can be found at the exclusive and gorgeous Royal Malewane in the Greater Kruger National Park.

Amoré is enjoying some of her most formative years as a pâtissière having the valuable opportunity to do her internship with The Royal Portfolio at Royal Malewane, a premier destination where she creates exquisite desserts for guests who appreciate the pleasure of combining big game watching with superb accommodation and an exceptional table giving her a special outlet for her considerable creativity. At Royal Malewane, mealtimes are an enchanting moveable feast that Amore takes into consideration when deciding on what to prepare for that day’s delightful alfresco lunch or romantic candlelit dinner.

One&Only Reaching for Young Stars

Where are you currently working and what is your job role?

I am currently working as a Commis Pastry Chef at Royal Malewane which is a family-owned, values-based luxury safari lodge in South Africa offering an unrivalled wildlife experience in the Greater Kruger National Park. 

What is it like working in the beautiful African bush at Royal Malewane?

Since I was a little girl my family and I travelled all over South Africa and the bush quickly became my favourite destination to visit. Working in the bush brings back so many good memories. From Nyala’s, beautiful Lilac-Breasted Rollers and even the gentle giants of the land, the Elephants, I am lucky enough to encounter all types of animals – including the Big 5 – while working at the lodge every day. Being able to work alongside the bush and all its small and large creatures is truly magical. However, what I love most about working at Royal Malewane, is how passionate, experienced and friendly all my fellow team members are. I am lucky enough to be learning from the best! 

How did your journey with La Creuzette begin?  

I was excited to take part in the One&Only Reaching for Young Stars competition and had the privilege of winning the Ultimate Lancewood Pastry Chef of the Year! One of the many generous prizes gifted to me was an incredible opportunity to pursue a three-month internship at La Creuzette in Boussac, France

Are you excited to go to La Creuzette?  

Yes, I cannot wait to travel abroad and experience a new country. France has so much to offer its visitors and I look forward to taking it all in. Working at Le Creuzette is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so excited to learn new skills.

What are your immediate goals and those you wish to attain in the next five to ten years?

In 2022, I plan to focus solely on enriching my pastry skills and learning as much as I can during my time at Royal Malewane and my exciting trip to France. My immediate goal is to conclude my training and graduate from The Private Hotel School
In the next 5 years, I hope to be promoted and become a Pastry Chef, buy my first apartment and start investing in my restaurant or bakery. 
In the next 10 years, I plan to work towards establishing myself as a talented and passionate Head Pastry Chef and begin living my dream of opening my restaurant or bakery. 

What are your values? Am sure hard work! How are you refining your skills?

“To live a life of love” is my life motto. This goes hand in hand with my values. For me “to live a life of love” means showing love to others by remaining loyal, honest, positive, passionate and encouraging. I strive to live in love every day. Being a hard worker is ingrained – I simply cannot sit still and do nothing.  
I continuously work towards refining my skills while working at Royal Malewane under the mentorship of Executive Chef, Archie Mclean. He never fails to inspire me to push my boundaries and try new things. Through watching him elevate the dining experience at Royal Malewane and captivate guests with his delicious and inventive meals, I can learn something new every day. He is an incredible Chef who gives me the freedom to explore and discover new recipes, methods and techniques.  

Are you continuing your pursuit of academic excellence or broadening your horizons?

Yes, I would love to study food photography sometime soon and I plan to focus all my attention on enriching my pastry skills. 

What are your special interests?  

I love to bake and cook delicious treats, however, my special interests are photography, surfing, water-skiing and spending time with my family and friends. 

What are your two favourite dishes to prepare for guests at Royal Malewane and why?  

Malva Pudding is a classic, much-loved, uniquely South African dessert and our international guests at Royal Malewane absolutely love it. We recently welcomed American guests at the lodge, and they enjoyed the Malva Pudding so much that they even asked for our recipe. They said it would feel as if they were taking a little piece of South Africa home with them to share with their friends and family. 

Our Fudgy Chocolate Brownies are one of my absolute favourite desserts to make in the bush. The deep, rich and sweet chocolate flavour of the brownie combined with an unexpected citrus surprise from the divine lemon mousse on top is a match made in dessert heaven. Guests love having this sweet treat just before a thrilling game drive. 

Whether you’re seeking the peace and remoteness of the African bush at Royal Malewane, the Champagne air of the seaside at Birkenhead House, a stroll through the vineyards of La Residence or the art & culture of Cape Town at The Silo Hotel, you can rest assured that you will experience the highest levels of personalised service and a more meaningful connection with each of The Royal Portfolio’s unique locations. 

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