The generosity of nature and the dedication of a devoted team ensures only the finest grapes are selected to produce wines of abundant flavour and character.

In 1968, the first vintages of the much loved Fleur du Cap range were launched under the watchful eye of the manager of wine production, Dr Julius Laszlo, his philosophy was to work with smaller volumes, to produce superior wine. In 1979, small casks of new French oak were used, and in 1998, the reserve range of Fleur du Cap Series Privée wines was launched, known for their superior quality.

In honour of Dr Julius Laszlo’s contribution, the special release Fleur du Cap Laszlo was launched in 2007. This elegant, full-bodied red blend epitomises the Fleur du Cap philosophy of following nature’s lead by allowing the grapes themselves to determine the style of the wine in the cellar. Only produced in exceptional years, the blend composition will vary from vintage to vintage depending on the cultivars in that particular year as only the finest barrels are selected.

Fleur du Cap’s expert winemaking team has the freedom to be meticulous in their sourcing; they select their grapes from the most renowned winegrowing regions of the Cape and as such aren’t bound by a specific farm, site, vineyards or climate. Made with minimum human interference ensures consistency and craftsmanship along with the full expression of the grapes. Hands-on, traditional winemaking practices rather than modern filtration processes preserve the colour, flavour and character of the grapes. The result is a range of elegant wines of great complexity with abundant fruit and flavour showing their true varietal character.

Following on a very successful award season, Fleur du Cap’s Series Privée Merlot 2014 was awarded the prestigious Merlot Trophy during the 2017 International Wine & Spirits Competition. 

Their red winemaker, Pieter Badenhorst, notes that this is the first South African Merlot to receive this prestigious trophy. In addition, the wine won the coveted Gold Award at the 2017 International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Winemaker Pieter Badenhorst of Fleur Du Cap, expert at giving a thorough insight into just what goes into the making of this fine wine that each season has to live up to great expectations.  Hear more here…

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