SANDY HARPER Sharing of skills, camaraderie and a platform for you!

During this time when it is difficult to travel, the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge has become an online presence offering encouragement and direction. Sandy Harper, well known international wine judge points the way forward… 

“My name is Sandy Harper and together with Jean-Vincent Ridon, we will be your Wine Service Judges for the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge.

Sandy Harper
Sandy Harper, Distell Inter Hotel Challenge Wine Steward Service Judge

In these unprecedented times, I thought I would remind you that this is an opportunity for you to learn from the very best in our industry. Sharing of skills, camaraderie and a platform for you to develop your own career in the hospitality industry. Many winemakers are using Facebook and Instagram, YouTube and Zoom meetings to stream live wine tastings. Use this precious time to study and practice, practice practice!

So what are we looking for in our winning Wine Steward?

We are looking for an individual who is impeccably groomed – with polish. A Wine Steward that can multi task; open bottles, pour samples, share pairing information, share appropriate relevant product information all with a positive attitude, elegance, grace of movement and professionalism that inspires trust. 

We want to trust our Wine Stewards. Remember, YOU are the face of the chef, hotel and winemaker – all in one! You’re IT!

Wow – Tall Order! You may ask, “How do I become a ‘Super Slick Wine Steward?”


Let me unpack it for you on,” says Sandy.

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