Whether using impressive Lancewood, exquisite ClemenGold® or creamy Lurpak butter and nutritious Bio-Wheat our young candidates are firmly on a path to success.

Skyler Fillies – Pastry Chef, 20

I would describe myself as an aspiring pastry chef, always striving to do my best in everything I make and do. I am currently studying my second year at the International Hotel School. I’ve had a passion for pastries ever since I was young as I used to love going to hotels, admiring and tasting their pastries. Baking started as a hobby. I soon realised that I wanted to turn it into a career.

In Five Years: I would love the opportunity to work on yachts as a pastry chef. My dream one day is to be a pastry chef in my bakery and coffee shop.

Role Model: My parents have played a huge role in pushing me to do my best and follow my dreams. If I’m not in the kitchen baking then I’m in the water. I love waterskiing.

Reading: Cookbooks 

Dylan Burger – Baker, 17

I’m an NQF Level 4 qualified chef. I’m passionate about cooking and love working with people. I have wanted to become a chef since I was young after helping my mom cook and watching a close family friend who is also a qualified chef.

In Five Years: I would like to own a restaurant in Cape Town near the beach and have the whole family involved, if possible. 

Role Model: My Mother and Uncle who is a professional Chef himself they have been very important characters in my life along with most of my family members.

Reading: The Twins of Auschwitz by Eva Mozes Kor, Lisa Rojany Buccieri

Chloë Joubert – Pastry Chef

I am hardworking, dedicated and will give 110% to anything I have set my mind to.

In Five Years: I would like to be working in Michelin Star restaurants across Europe after working on superyachts to gain experience in as many environments as possible. 

Role Model: Heston Marc Blumenthal. He was the first chef I watched on TV who captivated me with what food could be. Another is Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, showing me that South African chefs can compete with the best. 

Miles Lotter – Baker

I would describe myself as an inquisitive person.

In Five Years: I would like to be working Navy SEALS. 

Reading: Atomic Habits by James Clear 

Shannon Snyders – Baker, 21
Faculty of Business and Management Sciences
Cape Peninsula University of Technology | #WeAreCPUT

I’m hardworking, dedicated, pay attention to detail and love learning new skills.

In Five Years: I would like to be experiencing different foods and cooking techniques from around the world.

Role Model: My grandmother is my role model because she taught me how to bake from a very young age. I find myself learning something new from her every day.

Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Rebekah Brown – Pastry Chef, 19

I am creative and hardworking with a passion for food.

In Five Years: I hope to see myself overseas possibly working on a yacht and travelling the world. 

Role Model: My mother, she has always supported me and helped me come as far as I have. Gabriela Gonzales has shown me that no matter what you go through you can still be kind and do amazing things. Zendaya is a talented, powerful and inspiring woman.

Reading: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Tinotenda Sadziwa – Baker

I’m a very talented and goal orientated young lady.

In Five Years: I see myself working in one of the best hotels getting all the experience and advancing my culinary skills to open my coffee bar and later, a school on baking. 

Role Model: Tyler Perry, despite his background, kept his faith and focused, and he made it to the top. Chef Clare Smyth besides working for Gordon Ramsay managed to open her restaurant, Core. Andrew Peter Allen. 

Reading: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Chanda du Plooy – Pastry Chef, 22

I am goal driven and hardworking, always seeking a new skill to develop, and someone who is honest and tries to get a job done to the best of my ability.

In Five Years: I’d like to be working in a positive environment in a position where I can continue to grow and broaden my knowledge while being productive in reaching my long term goals.

Role Model: Clement Pedro. His love and passion for cooking inspires me to never give up on my passion and goals no matter the obstacles I may face.   

Reading: Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson

Tait Mills – Pastry Chef & Baker, 19

I would describe myself as cheerful, not in the sense that I am always happy, but will always do my best to ensure everyone around me is enjoying themselves.

In Five Years: I would love to be Head Chef on a Superyacht somewhere exotic.

Role Model: My dad. If it wasn’t for my dad I would never have had the opportunities I have today. He works so hard to make sure I have a future.

Sinovuyo Mgongo – Pastry Chef, 24

I am passionate, very dedicated and always eager to learn. I always make it a point that I take full responsibility for every task that has been assigned to me. 

In Five Years: I would like to own a mini bakery/coffee shop. 

Role Model: Anna Olson is my role model because she shows commitment and love when baking. I always learn something new when watching her shows.

Reading: My Table by Siba Mtongana 

Chuma Cetywayo – Baker, 22 
Faculty of Business and Management Sciences
Cape Peninsula University of Technology | #WeAreCPUT 

I would describe myself as one warm day in winter.

In Five Years: In the South Korea or Japan practicing as a chef. I have always dreamed to become a Japanese chef but I have recently discovered on how authentic Korean food is so I am.

Role Models: Former President Thabo Mbeki. After he fled the country illegally to England. He used that opportunity in London to study and later graduated in economics. He continued to travel the world learning the different ways to stabilise the county without colonialism. He then educated his fellow comrades and drew a plan to end apartheid era.

Reading: Anatomy of a Miracle by Pattie Waldmeir

Asemahle Ndlebe – Pastry Chef, 21 
Faculty of Business and Management Sciences
Cape Peninsula University of Technology | #WeAreCPUT 

I’m a very passionate and hardworking individual who loves what they do and plans to do it for the rest of my life.

In Five Years: I see myself working with established names and soaking up all their teachings, travelling the world and seeing all the different cultures and eating their food.

Role Model: My grandmother. The reason being she is the first person to teach me the ways of the kitchen. She is one of the most hardworking individuals I have ever met and she is also the strongest person I know.

Reading: The Shadowhunter Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

Celeste Barnard – Pastry Chef, 22

I have always admired food and how it had the capability to bring people together no matter how different they may be. It creates fellowship between strangers and develops a love for fresh ingredients within a community that shows pride for its harvest. 

I am not a huge fan of alcohol but there is something quite amazing about paring a simple yet complex bottle of wine with a well thought out dish. It is a very admirable skill and something that I look forward to being a master at, in the future as an aspiring chef.

In Five Years: A future dream and goal of mine as a young chef would be to create a series of dishes resembling abstract art, making the customer hesitate, before tucking in, because they don’t want to ruin the plated canvas in front of them.

My desire is to watch them experience and enjoy every element on the plate thus making them want to come back for more. A true expression of my take on “The Culinary Arts.”

Role Models: I found true inspiration in all my Lecturers and Mentors on Campus. Seeing them live out their individual passions for food, ingredients, health and safety, wine and even the special art of teaching.

It is so very contagious; and now I find myself enthusiastic about all of l these things too.

I am so excited about the future, no matter where that might be. I have also realized that being part of the Reaching for Young Stars Competition in 2022 is going to open many new doors for me going forward.

We have been taught the value of networking and these key introductions to amazing suppliers and industry specialists is just one aspect of the amazing opportunities we have been exposed to thus far.

Reading: The Elements of Dessert by Francisco Migoya

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