Toast to the Best: Prize-Winning Cocktails and a Smoothie Delight

KWV Brandy VS Cocktail Presented by Danièle Strydom CHEFS TRAINING & INNOVATION ACADEMY CHEESECAKE BRANDY COCKTAIL 5 g Cinnamon bark1 LemonGold, cut into eight wedges25 ml KWV Potstill VS Brandy1/2 tsp ClemenGold Concentrate*100 ml Clarified Cheesecake Base*3 drops Saline Solution*1 square ice1 sphere iceCitrus Essence*  Glassware: Tumbler Place the cinnamon bark on a fire proof counter […]


The Cape Grace Reaching for Young Stars Cook-Off & Service Presentation, annually hosted by the International Hotel School, took place on Saturday 11th May with an enthusiastic high calibre panel of judges: Food: Jocelyn Myers Adams, Debbie Hall, Elsa van der Nest, Lorraine Meaney, Craig Hibbert and Alexandre Barrière IzardWine and spirit service: Penelope Horwood […]

Meet the Beverage & Barista Candidates ~ Cape Grace Reaching for Young Stars 2024

Behind every perfectly crafted beverage lies a blend of precision, artistry, and innovation. As baristas and beverage artisans, you don’t just serve drinks; you create experiences, elevating moments with every pour and every sip. Beverage & Barista DUMISA MAPONGWANA, 26Cooktastic “I am a hardworking and driven individual who isn’t afraid to face challenges. In the next […]

Skills Exchange Development Programme ~ Launch Workshop

Hosted by Chefs Training & Innovation Academy (CTIA), Stellenbosch#ReachingForYoungStars2024 #CTIA#Showcook #CapeGrace #Century City #CCConferenceCentre #InspiringSuccess It was a very special day our 16th year for the Reaching for Young Stars this year with Cape Grace and this year our inaugural visit to to the freshly minted new campus Chefs Training and Innovation Academy, in Stellenbosch An […]

A Comprehensive Agenda

An extensive program has been designed to introduce motivational and inspirational guest speakers at the launch workshop hosted by CHEFS TRAINING & INNOVATION ACADEMY, CTIA, Stellenbosch Campus. Covering a diverse range of subjects spanning communication, nutrition, kitchen hygiene, and more, this comprehensive initiative aims to enhance candidates’ overall knowledge in various critical aspects essential for […]

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