Nederburg situated near Paarl has an exceptional track record for international and local awards, trailblazing innovations and refreshing, contemporary wines that combine rich fruit flavour with superb structure.
It began in 1791 when Philippus Wolvaart bought the farm that lay between the Berg and Palmiet rivers for 5 600 guilders. He named it after Sebastiaan Nederburgh, a visiting commissioner from the Dutch East India Company. Hand-in-hand with his wife, Margaretha, they nurtured the land and built a strong foundation on which the success of Nederburg was to flourish.

Award-winning winemaker, Niël Groenewald, who is also a marketing specialist is managing director (MD) of Nederburg.

Previously head winemaker for Distell with the immense responsibility of overseeing the production of South Africa’s largest wine portfolio, and before that in a similar position at DGB-owned Bellingham, Niël was appointed to the position of Nederburg MD in early 2019. In this role, he focuses on critical aspects of wine production, as well as wine business and marketing, and is spearheading the evolution of the dynamic Nederburg brand.

Niël holds an MBA from the University of Cape Town and a BSc Hons degree in winemaking from the University of Stellenbosch. 

He has extensive experience in leading top-performing teams, optimal supply chain management and marketing, honed over years through international exposure to South Africa’s key trading partners. He strongly feels that winemaking alone doesn’t make a successful brand. 

“Marketing, focus and engagement with the market and industry are just as important,” says Niël Groenewald.

Here he chats to the Wine Steward Candidates for the virtual ‘Grape to Glass’ part of the Distell Inter Hotel Challenge.

In 1937, German brewer and tea specialist Johann Graue acquired the land. He was an advocate of biodynamics and introduced many technological cellar innovations, such as cold fermentation, and revolutionised winemaking in South Africa.

“The Beautiful Lady, an aromatic Gewürztraminer recalls Johann Graue’s wife, Ilse, who brought grace, hospitality and a beautiful rose garden to Nederburg.” See more…

At the top end of the Nederburg range is the Private Bin collection sold exclusively at the annual Nederburg Auction.

Two Centuries single varietal wines made from individually selected vines, and the innovative Ingenuity flagship blends, are at the apex of the range sold on the open market.

Nederburg’s inventiveness is there for all to see and taste in the gourmet and award-winning Heritage Heroes collection, comprising two red blends, two wooded whites and delicately aromatic Gewürztraminer. Then there are the more widely available offerings. These include The Winemasters, that represents the core of the Nederburg range. These are classically structured wines with abundant fruit flavours, elegance and finesse. The 56HUNDRED line-up offers smooth-drinking wines. There are also the popular Première Cuvée Brut, Rosé, Stein and Baronne, one of South Africa’s best-selling red blends, as well as the Lyric white blend, and Duet, another popular red blend.



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