A portfolio of fine potstill brandy that can rightfully claim the trophy for Best Brandy Worldwide for a record nine times since 2004 at leading international wine and spirits competitions.

Established in 1845 by Cape brandy pioneer Jan Van Ryn, the Van Ryn’s Distillery in Stellenbosch earned their first international award for exceptional brandy quality as far back as 1884, and since then has forged a reputation as one of the world’s leading fine brandy producers.

Guided by Jan Van Ryn’s founding philosophy that all great brandy must bide its time until ready, the Van Ryn’s Collection Reserve comprises the 10-year old, 12- year-old Distiller’s Reserve, the 15-year-old Fine Cask Reserve, and the 20-year-old Collector’s Reserve; each representing a different expression of an unhurried maturation process in French oak casks.

Marlene Bester, Distillery Manager at Van Ryn’s

We can be hugely proud of the women who have made their names in what was regarded as a male preserve. Today, they are continuing to keep the quality and distinction of the spirit family alive and well. Thriving under the dedicated care of Van Ryn’s Master Distiller, Marlene Bester, and her small team each brandy carries the indelible prints of artisanal quality, individuality and exceptional quality, The Royal Family of Brandy, Van Ryn’s.

Van Ryn’s range of handcrafted brandies are held in the highest regard in both the local and global stage having claimed the illustrious title of ‘World’s Best Brandy’ no less than nine times in the last 14 years at the top international spirit competitions held in London, New York and San Francisco.


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